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Cloverdale initiates Cash-for-Grass rebate program

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014 | Posted by

Cash for Grass2
Cloverdale water customers are being offered a cash incentive to replace their thirsty lawns with water-efficient landscaping.

The grant-supported Grass Removal Rebate Program will pay $0.50 per square foot, up to 500 square feet, to replace eligible lawn areas with:

• Low-water-use, climate-appropriate plants, and/or
• Permeable hardscape, such as mulch, decomposed granite or similar materials, and/or
• A drip irrigation system with pressure regulation and filtration

All properties served by a City of Cloverdale water account are eligible, including residential, commercial, industrial and institutional. While the maximum rebate of $250 is equivalent to 500 square feet of lawn being removed, this in no way precludes the removal of more turf area than is covered by the rebate.

Interested customers should fully review the Cash-for-Grass Program Guidelines and be prepared to consent to brief pre- and post-inspection visits.

According to the guidelines, areas to be converted must be historically healthy and irrigated. Long-dead lawns or lawns already removed at the time of pre-inspection are not eligible for the Grass Removal Rebate Program rebate.


1. Call the Water Conservation Representative at 894-1792 or email them at clacedra@ci.cloverdale.ca.us to schedule a pre-inspection visit to have the lawn area measured and pre-qualified for the program.

2. During the pre-inspection, read and sign the Guidelines Form and the Application. Do not remove lawn until you receive these.

3. At this point, the lawn area can be removed and the new project installed according to the Grass Removal Rebate Program Guidelines. Participants have 90 days to complete their project.

4. Call the Water Conservation Representative at 894-1792 or email clacedra@ci.cloverdale.ca.us to schedule a post-inspection visit. This must take place within 90 days following the pre-inspection visit.

5. For those sites determined to have followed the guidelines, a rebate check will be issued within three weeks of the post-inspection.

To retain rebate eligibility, do not install high-water-use plants in the converted landscape. Only low- or moderate-water-use species are acceptable. High-water-use plant species are those listed as needing “Regular Water” or “Ample Water” in the Sunset Western Garden Book and those classified as High (H) water use in as High (H) water use in WUCOLS.

  • Virginia Greenwald

    We are in the process of replacing our lawn. Have not paid for it as yet. Can we still qualify for rebate?

    • http://cloverdale.net christine

      Unfortunately you would not be eligible, Virginia. This program is meant to be an incentive program to encourage people to swap out their turf.

  • Michele winterbottom

    So does that meam that all those that have been conserving and their lawns are now dead do not qualify for this program? Some have been conserving all year and they are very dead?

    • Susie Hare

      Thanks, Michele! We took ours out years ago just for these reasons. Another time it doesn’t pay to be forward thinkers…

  • Mark Thayer

    I found the inspection of our backyard brief and easy. Plans to replace are underway.

  • Jessica McD

    There is no way not have a ‘long dead lawn’ if you’ve been conserving as directed. How dead is long dead?

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