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The list: 3 stop lights in Cloverdale

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013 | Posted by

Before the Highway 101 Bypass was opened in 1994, Cloverdale was well known for having the first stop light on the highway north of the Golden Gate Bridge.

There are now three stop lights along Cloverdale Blvd. They are located at:

  • Hillview Drive (by Sanz Nursery and the Ace shopping center)
  • Citrus Fair Drive
  • First Street (the location of Cloverdale’s original stop light)

Today, travelers need to drive another 60 miles to Willits before finding the first stop light.


  • http://allveteransreunion.org Gary Mills

    Good morning Mary Jo, just wanting to help you out with your 3 stop light locations. # 1 is not Hillside Drive it is Brookside Drive one block south of Hillview Drive. The rest are correct. I’m sure you knew it but just got confused. Thanks for your column in the P.D.

    • Mary Jo Winter

      Gary, I wish I could say I wrote that as a “test” and that you had won a prize. Instead, I have to admit I goofed and say thank you.

  • Marilyn

    I remember when there was only one light in Cloverdale, there was no freeway and on Sundays the traffic was backed up on 101 from that light back to the Black Cat Cafe, just south of Hopland.

  • Bob M.

    Isn’t progress great??

  • Stewart

    Progress is great but it could be so much better.

    1. Why not remove that unsightly contraption looking light system at Brookside? I mean just how long do you have to wait to proceed? Think about making the town more pleasant looking. Put up a 4-way stop if thought to be needed……..which it isn’t.

    2. And on the subject of beautification, why not remove all the rube goldberg light system at Citrus Fair and replace it with a roundabout. What better welcome to C’dale than a beautiful flower planter to take up all that ugly asphalt.

    Where’s the thinking when it comes to beautifying our town……but then I was in favor of a Healdsburg-like plaza but and we would up with more concrete.

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