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Waxing poetic about Cloverdale

Sunday, February 3rd, 2013 | Posted by

Russian River taken from First Street Bridge in Cloverdale. (Photo: Galen Dalrymple)

In the very front of a book titled “Cloverdale Then and Now,” published in 1983 and located in the reference library at the Cloverdale History Center, is a poem about Cloverdale written by Oscar C. Gibson.

There is no date on the poem, but according to an obituary in the library’s archives, Gibson was a pastor at the former Congregational Church, now known as the United Church of Cloverdale, in the 1930’s.


Nestled above the trees, growing tall and straight,
Eighty miles from the Golden Gate,
Lies a city of friendly air,
The home of the famous Citrus Fair.

A climate mild throughout the year,
The Russian River flowing near;
If for real sport you have been wishing –
This river affords some dandy fishing!

Graceful mountain sentinels stand,
guard o’er the green and fertile land.
Vineyards, oranges and olive trees
Thrive in the warm refreshing breeze.

Flowers bloom the year around;
Good schools and churches too, are found
Children playing here and there
Vie with the other treasures rare.

Better friends one never meets
Than the friendly folk who people its streets,
A lovely spot is this beautiful vale –
God bless the town of Cloverdale

~ Oscar C. Gibson

This is just one of the many surprising glimpses into Cloverdale’s past that can be found in the History Center’s reference library, located at 215 N. Cloverdale Blvd. For more information, call 894-2067.

  • Kevin Griffin

    What a nice and accurate poem. When I was younger I longed for a bigger city, now that I’m older and perhaps wiser I miss my time spent in Cloverdale and the great people there.

    • Mary Jo Winter

      Kevin, I hear this a lot. More and more people are telling me they are homesick and miss Cloverdale. It’s just that kind of place, I think.

  • Debbie

    Thanks so much for posting this, such a lovely poem! We are new to Cloverdale, going to our 1st Citrus Fair, first Parade, and yes love the people of Cloverdale. They have made us feel so welcomed, best move I have ever made!

    • Mary Jo Winter

      I felt exactly the same way when I moved here in 1987. Best move I ever made, too. Welcome!

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