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Fate of high school mural hangs in the balance

Saturday, October 13th, 2012 | Posted by

This mural at Cloverdale High School is at the center of a controversy. (Mary Jo Winter)


By MARY JO WINTER / Cloverdale Correspondent

A large mural on the outside of a former shop building at Cloverdale High School has become the focus of concern and controversy by current residents and graduates of the school.

School board members have voted to paint over it, with at least one calling it “outdated and faded.” Their plan is to memorialize the mural by photographing it, mounting it on canvas and then placing it in a prominent spot on campus with signage and historical information.

Painted by students nearly 40 years ago, the mural is a sentimental piece of the school’s history. It depicts the school’s mascot, an eagle, vineyards, a river and a rainbow ending at a pot of gold emblazoned with the initials CHS.

Cricket Calvert says, “I would love to help save that wall. It’s our history. Someone in that town needs a few history lessons on what all of the symbols on that wall mean.”

Trustee Joanne Argyres is also opposed to the idea of painting over the mural and was the only school board member to vote against it. “The mural depicts the small town charm of Cloverdale,” she says. “It’s the Cloverdale I remember. It represents our community spirit and involvement and I see nothing wrong with it.”

In 1979, the mural was defaced when someone, possibly from a rival high school, tossed red and white paint on it.  Beginning that summer, members of the high school art class spent an estimated 185 hours cleaning and restoring the mural to its original condition. The work was finally completed on November 4, 1980.

Part of the reason it took so long was because only two students were able to work on it over the summer months. Another was that each of the colors had to be mixed by hand so they would match.

Numerous comments have been posted on Facebook in support of preserving the mural. Many have suggested refreshing the colors to brighten it up a bit, but very few have said painting over it is a good idea.

According to Cathy Crittendon, CHS Class of ’77,  “My good friends painted this mural over 35 years ago as a testament to the City of Cloverdale, CHS and our pride and belief in this community.  This mural is truly part of CHS history. It represents the exuberance and joy for the town we grew up loving and living in. Do not let anyone destroy that.”

On the other side of the coin, Kristy Frederick Jennings said, “I understand it’s history to some from so many years ago, but let some new class make history with a new, fresh mural. That one has seen its day.”  She later suggested having each new graduating class freshen the current mural and add something of their own to it.

Greg Reeder said he would be really upset if it was removed. “Let’s not destroy history or tradition for the sake of modernization.”

“Some things should never change so we do not forget the people who worked to make our little town what it is,” noted Don Gaylor, another CHS grad. “Growth is good, but if you forget your past, it will come back to haunt you. Leave something behind for the next generation to reflect upon from our generation.”

Vicki Allen,  daughter-in-law of John L. Allen for whom the high school field is named, commented, “I don’t live in Cloverdale, but I grew up there and graduated in 1970. The mural was painted after I left. I feel we destroy too much of our past. Without our past, the town loses its soul. We’ve lost so much of our small town already. Every time I visit, there is another piece of our history gone. We need to remember where we came from.”

The school board plans to get the high school’s current students involved in the final decision making process and will let them weigh in on the fate of the mural.

This means there is still a little time left for the community to voice their opinions, too.

Do you agree with the Board’s decision to paint over the mural or not? Let the school board to know how you feel.

Email addresses for the individual trustees can be found on the District’s website. Letters can also be mailed to 97 School St., Cloverdale CA 95425.

What do you think? Should it stay or should it go? Please share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions in the Comments section below.


  • Leticia L McRae

    I grew up in Cloverdale and that mural has been there for as long as I can remember. The people that originally did that mural put lots of work and their hearts into it. Please please please do not paint over it. That picture greeted me everyday as my bus pulled into the high school. It is for me, and many others, a symbol of home. It is part of our history and should remain so. It is a beautiful mural, not tacky or cartoon like. It represents Cloverdale very well. If you need to paint something, get rid of that awful red on the school. The colors are blue and gold, where does the red fit in? Please consider everyone’s feelings on this. Must we lose our history to move forward? I think not. Thank you.

  • Nancy Turpen Lucas

    Though I did not go to Cloverdale High School, I can appreciate the sentiment for keeping it. I recently attended my 50th Reunion, and we did a tour of the high school as it is today. The high point for all of us was finding something we recognized from OUR days there. Though the buildings had been replaced with newer buildings, there were some that we could say were there, places that we could say our feet had made the path that would take us to today. Lots of bridges were crossed, but the one that took us to a well remembered path were very special. If you paint over that mural, you are destroying a history that cannot be reclaimed, no matter how you try. A picture will not do it!!

  • Cathy Farris

    This is a pretty easy fix…just paint the new color up to the mural, touch up some in the original colors and it should look great. Why would you want to paint over it?? It should be on the Historical Pages.

  • dorothy montoya

    What is the point in painting it over? There are matters of pride. When you, your grandkids, etc. come by, you recognize with pride some painting, some bleachers, some plaque. It ties all of us together whether we were involved or just there at that time. Why do we put up statues, or paintings or photos? If you wipe them all away, in the future what do you have? Do you remember grandma and grandpa? If you wipe it all away and make a clean slate, you have nothing.

  • Laura Teague Drabandt

    The Mona Lisa is pretty old, but I haven’t heard of anyone wanting to modernize that. We’ve already lost the old gym and it’s surrounding classrooms which gave the front of the school an identity, and painted the school another team’s colors. It would be a shame to lose another aesthetic attribute that many hold dear. How about restoring the mural (like Kleiser Park), and encouraging the present students to create their own history with a mural on a different wall or coming up with their own ideas to leave a mark on the school? This is an opportunity to teach a lesson about appreciating our past and building from it in this modern disposable society.
    -Class of ’94

  • Kelly Martin

    Painting over the mural, to me, would be like destroying a part of history. I realize there are many new families that have made Cloverdale their home, but that doesn’t mean part of the “old” high school shouldn’t remain. I haven’t lived in Cloverdale since I graduated in 1987, but it’s still my home and it’s still my school, no matter where I live. Decisions made in haste come back to haunt those that make those decisions. Of course this is only my opinion.

  • Ken Baumgardner

    My Cousin Cindy Skinner (Baumgardner) helped paint that mural and was very proud of her work, as were the others who worked on it. So the school board wants to get rid of it because, as one nut job said: “it is outdated and fading”. I think it just doesn’t go with the new paint of the school. I thought the school colors were blue and gold, not brown or whatever color that is (mocha?) If any of the school board members have any 40 year old cars, paintings or other outdated collectibles that they want to get rid of, I’ll take it. The mural is part of our history that we can actually still visualize as Cloverdale, how it used to be. I speak with people who were born and raised there (as was I) and still live there, who shake their head over some of the stuff that goes on. People that move there, have no respect for Cloverdale’s history and lifelong residents and want to change things. Now, I’m not opposed to change, but not for change sake. Those students worked hard on that mural and put in A LOT of time on it, as did the ones who repaired it. I think the board members should concentrate on getting more money into the schools (not their pockets) so programs don’t have to be cut and teachers don’t have to lose their jobs. But instead they want to worry about a piece of art because it doesn’t fit the new color scheme (Because we know THAT is the REAL reason behind this.) Next thing you know, the City Council will want to close down Pick’s because they want to put in an art gallery there. I hope the mural stays, too many nonsense things have changed in that city. Bowling Alley..Gone, A&W..Gone, Fosters Freeze…Gone, Wheel Cafe…Gone, ME? GONE!

  • Kim Moore

    I have lived in Cloverdale my entire life. I did not go to the public high school here in town, but my kids did. I feel like “my” town is trying to change into something we are not–namely Healdsburg. We have that small town charm that people love. That’s what I love about living here. Painting over something because the school board feels it is faded and outdated is just ridiculous! That mural is history. How many students have seen that mural when they walk into school each day for four years? That’s a lot of alumni that have fond memories of it. We don’t just throw away history, we work hard to preserve it so that those who come back to visit see at least a few things that haven’t changed. I wish that we had had some say in the “new color scheme” before that horrible fiasco happened…..but it’s too late for us to do anything about that, but it’s not too late for OUR mural!
    Keep the mural, freshen it up as needed, have future classes paint another wall……there are a lot of them there.

  • Aram Beresky

    There has been a lot of discussion lately on a Cloverdale community facebook page about a mural to be painted over at Cloverdale High School. This mural with an Eagle and a rainbow with CHS at the end of the rainbow I believe, has been there since the late 1970’s. As a former student of CHS (class of 1987) I remember the mural well.

    For me the issue is about newer residents moving in who have no appreciation for the past and wanting to change things to suit their own ideas about what Cloverdale should be. Perhaps rather than painting over what is essentially a landmark, there could be some sort of collaborative project that would brighten the existing mural and add something new (tastefully done of course).

    I do not live in Cloverdale anymore, but I do visit friends and family every few years. It would be nice to return and be able to see at least one landmark at CHS that I remember from my youth. Thank you.

  • http://www.anncarranzacreations.com Ann Carranza

    If the colors are faded, do what was done once in the past and refresh/restore it (maybe senior class art students would like to do the work). The mural’s innocence and symbolism speak to me of Cloverdale’s small town feel and hominess.

    Cloverdale beckons at a time when so much of small-town California has been lost to upscale and tourist-oriented places and events. While tourists are important to every town in Sonoma County, preserving the sweetness of a small town identity is in keeping with the town’s values.

  • Dominic Fontana

    The mural in jeopardy has been a part of school pride for many years. Countless graduating classes has walked past the mural on the way to the gym, school buses used to drop us off in front of it, it was defaced a couple of years after it was painted and was repaired. Our mural has stood the test of time. Please don’t paint over that mural, there is plenty of wall space around the school for another mural.

  • Toni Adams

    There is a joyful memory, or memories, for someone in every brush stroke on that wall. There are lots of walls. Doesn’t the school board have more important things to deal with? Cloverdale is NOT Napa, thank heaven…. And all the “wannabes” should just move there.

  • Cathy Crittendon

    Thanks for writing this article. I wrote the following Letter to the Editor of the Cloverdale Reveille. I am in the class of ’77, my sister Carol is in ’80 and our other sister Cheri is in ’79. Our dad, Bob Crittendon, was instrumental in Cloverdale Boosters for years and always very supportive of school activities and sports. I was writing on behalf of my class, and with complete support from my family, when I wrote this. For those who haven’s seen it here are my thoughts on the mural.

    I am a proud member of the CHS Class of ’77 and was recently informed of someone’s very bad inclination to paint over the CHS mural. My dear, good friends painted this mural over 35 years ago as a testament to the City of Cloverdale, CHS, and our pride and belief in this community. It would be a total shame to paint over it. Would you paint over a Picasso?

    Janet Wolf designed the mural and still holds the original proof. Nancy Johnson Freitas, Terri Paulsen, Cindy Baumgardner Skinner, and others, all worked very long, hard hours with Janet to create what we consider to be an important part of the legacy of the Class of ’77. Why would anyone choose to erase something that was designed to remind all of us of the wonderful experience that our community and high school offers?

    And, this mural is truly part of CHS history. It represents the exuberance and joy for the town we grew up loving, and living in. Do not let anyone destroy that! I have put the word out to my classmates and several have come forward to suggest that perhaps we could work in conjunction with the school and current student body to save the mural. Perhaps the art students would want to work on saving the mural, as well, and volunteer to work with us. And, perhaps, if they wanted, the current student body could create their own artwork, and legacy, on an area adjacent to the mural. This would be a win-win situation for all, as opposed to dividing the community over the fate of the mural.

    What a wonderful opportunity for CHS grads of all ages to work together to keep a beautiful, treasured piece of art in Cloverdale! Call it bridging the generations or CHS grads united for art or let the legacy live on. . . call it whatever you like. ..just Restore It, Don’t Destroy It!

  • Karen Neat

    LEAVE IT!!! GEEZ!!!!! Enough already!!! You’re going to be painting that school again in another 5 years when it starts to fade, due to new color choice. Taking a “picture” and putting it somewhere is just not the same!! This is kind of an extreme example, but if we took a pic of Mount Rushmore and then destroyed it for new housing…it’s not going to be the same!! This is CLOVERDALE HISTORY!!! For me it’s not about the art…it’s the history. I bet the people who want to get rid of it would be a bit upset if we walked into their homes and burnt their photo albums.

  • Dale Wilson

    I graduated from Cloverdale High School in 1982. This mural was there all four years I attended CHS. Friends of my older brothers helped paint it. The mural was seen when you were at the school or “cruising” town. It is part of the town, not just the school. If the building was being torn down, I could understand it being destroyed, but not just because of new paint. This is not just art, but history. Please find a way to save this wonderful piece of Cloverdale.

  • Greg Reeder

    Having graduated in 1965, then returning to teach history in my home town, I believe it would be a big mistake to paint over a piece of history at Cloverdale High. History evolves, but it shouldn’t be replaced by removing it. It has a significant place in a lot of people’s hearts. Should we take down the “Ivy Church” because it is faded? How about giving it a fresh coat of paint in its original colors? They preserve art that way.

  • Skippy

    Where is the explanation of why the Board wants to eradicate a fine piece of student art?
    What public safety reason is being given?
    Is it simply because they can?
    Is CHS in such fantastic shape academically that this mural is what makes the board toss and turn at night?
    Hey, school board! Leave our mural alone!
    All in all we’re just another…..speedbump for the arrogant board to denigrate, insult, overrule and ignore.

  • patricia nance

    Keep the mural.

  • Brian Clayton

    Class of 2002. Really, all this for a wall in the parking lot. It’s been painted around once or twice before I’m assuming? Do it again. It’s a part of our school so why demoralize it by taking a picture of it and hanging it somewhere else on campus. Probably in a corner where no one will see it. LEAVE IT ALONE ALREADY!!!! Let’s hope the current students stand up for us graduates and keep it for the future ones.

  • Frank Mettert

    With the elections coming up, my question is, do you folks in Cloverdale have the opportunity to replace the school board ? Obviously I don’t live in Cloverdale, but, this appears to be just another effort to throw away a treasure of our past ! We do this all to often with not only things, but people, and call it progress ! I fail to see how this particular effort benefits the school,students, faculty or the community in general!

    • Mary Jo Winter

      Frank, there are three people, including two incumbents, running for the three vacant seats so it will not even be on the ballot this time.

  • KIM

    I have not lived in Cloverdale since 1989, but I still call it home. I have family that still live there. The mural has been there a long time. Please do not remove it it is part of our Town. If need be, please restore it and have other High School Students add to it so that it is still apart of the past as well as the Future. Also you might want to add some of the new Colors to the Mural!

  • Geri Giovannetti

    Leave the damn murals alone! They were done after I graduated but they are artwork done by students. If they need touching up, then that could be a project by the current art class(es). In the future, if murals are done, have them done on wood or canvas that can be removed and replaced after painting. I don’t understand the thought of wanting to get rid of them. We already have too many classes for the arts and music being axed for budget reasons…for heaven’s sake, at least keep the work that was done. You want to get rid of something…how about painting over the ugly burnt brown color that was painted on the buildings this summer at the high school. It’s awful!! They should have used the blue that they used at Jefferson for the high school. I don’t care that some “decorator” picked out the colors. What happened to having school pride with school colors!? LEAVE THE MURALS ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rick Rilea

    If the school board is determined to get rid of the mural, they should have that portion of the wall removed and relocated to the park across the street to remain unmolested and maintained for generations to come. If the board isn’t willing to consider conserving our icon in this way, they need to leave the painting alone. This painting is a treasure and a tribute to our community and destroying it should not be an option.

  • Kelea Edgar Nevis

    I am absolutely undone at the thought of them painting over this mural. Here is my position. First of all, if the current art class wants to paint a mural, let them find their own wall to paint it on. Secondly, this is the wall that belongs to the students who not only participated in it’s creation but the students who attended CHS during “that time”.

    This wall is a part of our history. This wall is part of an incredible era from incredible achievements by incredible students in sports, science, art, music etc. If they can consider painting over this wall, which represents so much good from “that time,” then what do they plan to do when the trophy case gets too full? Or there is no longer room for pennants in the BOYS GYM? Do we throw away all that was accomplished by the students and staff during “that time” just because we live in a disposable world?

    Look at the students who went on to greatness; inspired by growing up in a small town (or perhaps because they wanted to leave it :-) or because of the greatness it instilled in them); or the students who went on to become teachers to return to Cloverdale to give back to the next generation of students and to inspire them to their greatness; or the students who went on to professional sports careers; started businesses that sustain America today; do we throw away the dreams of the students who were part of “that time” or do we hang on to and remember them.

    Many of us still have family in town and it’s nice when we come home to see something still familiar about OUR school. It will always be our school. We fell in love there, we made lasting friendships there, we gained knowledge through mistakes there, we achieved greatness there, we learned there, we laughed and cried there, we cheered our teams to VICTORY there.

    This mural represents more than just a painting on the wall, at least for me. Honestly, if you want to paint over it, grow up and go find your own wall. This wall belongs to US. The classes of C.H.S. that inhabit this wall in spirit, in memory, in faith, and in trust that some things will never change

    • Kim Moore

      Very well said Kelea!! You nailed each and every point that I felt was important!
      I just hope they are listening…..

      • Kelea Edgar Nevis

        Thanks Kim – I hope they are listening also. I emailed to their addresses – each of them – and got zero response! Nice!

  • Brittany

    We live and own a house across the street from the high school. I have kids currently in the school district. As someone who walks right past this mural almost every evening, there is no reason to paint over it. It really is not in bad shape. It is not an eye sore by any means. The “new” paint on the sides could stand to match it a little better, but that would be an easy fix. Leave the mural. It would upset many, and please few to destroy it.

  • Crystal

    I grew up in Cloverdale, right up the street from the HS, and even though I no longer live there, I still consider it HOME! I would hate to see this Mural painted over just because some believe it is outdated.

    To say it is “outdated” confuses me…we are still home of the Eagles, we are still a town and a county that relies on Vineyards, the Russian River is a staple of both town and county and we are still CHS.

    I am disappointed that people believe erasing part of our history would benefit anyone. Like others have said, with so many things changing, its nice to come back and have something familiar to see, a memory of when things were simple and life was a little slower.

    Besides the hope that the community stands together for a little piece of our history, I also hope that the HS Students that get to voice their opinions realize the significance of the mural now because I know it really didn’t mean that much to me while I was in school. Once I was no longer in school is when I realized the worth of it.

  • Melissa

    As a CHS graduate of 1998, my name, along with all my classmates whom I’ve known almost my whole life, are on a board located on the opposite side of the shop that the mural is on. My brother’s art work is (or maybe was, if they’ve painted over it) on the wall on the inside of the shop.

    Along with many lifelong residents, my children will go to CHS and hopefully leave their mark somewhere on the campus. The mural, along with all the other contributions from students over the years, is part of what make us the small tight knit community we know and love. Going back there with my children reminds me of where we all come from. I’m sure the current students would have the same sentiment about any memory they leave.

    What troubles me the most is that this is even an issue that time, money and resources are being wasted on. Currently, my child is crammed like a sardine into a class with 31 other 5 year olds. Both teachers and children don’t have the tools and supplies they need to excel, and all the while, great teachers are stretched to the max, being bounce around from grade to grad,e or worse, unemployed.

    We NEED the CUSB to focus on what’s important; find a way to stretch the $9.5mil budget between the three schools, get teachers back in the classrooms, reduce the class sizes and give them the supplies they need. This board truly doesn’t know what’s important if they are wasting time even considering such a ridiculous notion.


  • Tanya Alexander

    Originally when I heard about this, I suggested preserving the mural through a large format photograph canvas, and rolling over it. I based that suggestion on what I was told: that the mural is in deplorable condition. However, since first suggesting that, I’ve been at CHS several times, and have taken the time to closely look at the mural. While it might be ready for some maintenance, it is in – by no means – deplorable condition. It is completely salvageable.

    While I am not a CHS alumni, I am a longtime resident, a coach for CHS and have a kid attending CHS. I am also an artist, who spent 4 years painstakingly painting a large format mural on site at Jefferson School, only to see it bulldozed to rubble over the summer in the name of “site improvements.” I have lost count of how many kids – now students at Washington and CHS – who’ve come up to me, genuinely sad that my mural is no longer there for them to enjoy seeing.

    And while I kick myself that I didn’t paint the mural in panels and install it, to avoid this very thing from happening, there is a big difference here: the building that the CHS mural is painted on isn’t being demolished. The ONLY reason it is being suggested that it be rolled over is due to a small group of people who think it’s past its prime. Likely the same group that chose the universally-despised re-paint colors … :)

    All murals are worth saving, if feasible. In my case, I couldn’t cut the wall panels out and salvage my work, or I would have. But in the case of the CHS mural, rolling over it for no real reason is inexcusable.

    New suggestion:
    Ideally, have the team of artists who originally painted the project meet up over a weekend and touch it up and clear coat it, as their style is what makes it such a favorite piece.

    If that’s not an option, put out a call to the local arts community, get a team of volunteer artists with large format mural experience to touch it up and make it shine.

    There’s no good reason to erase this part of local history, just because a few people feel the school site would be more “modernized” if it were gone. Go Eagles!

    • Hillary Smith

      I love the idea of having the original artists coming back to touch the mural up. I think that would be the Cloverdale thing to do. Let’s face it, though many leave, Cloverdale will always be home.

  • doug goodman

    Maybe I’m a bit slow, but I don’t understand why the mural needs to be painted over. For those who think that a new mural should be painted by the current students, isn’t there another wall that could be used for a new mural? Couldn’t every wall at the high school have a mural? If there is a new mural, can it include a Dodgers logo? Just a thought. – Take care, Doug

    • Kelea Edgar Nevis

      Doug Goodman have I mentioned lately that I just love you? Go Dodgers! Just for Doug!

    • Chris Allen

      Always a Dodgers fan….So what did you think of the 2010 and 2012 WS?

  • http://www.jhowellfineart.com Janet Domeniconi

    Thank you Mary Jo and Cathy Crittendon for calling this important issue to our attention. My classmates, Terri, Nancy, Janet and Cindy put a lot of thought into the design of this mural over 35 years ago. I remember there being a lot of discussion, planning and of course painting throughout the entire process. It was not something the school board allowed our class to do just on a whim.

    For those of you who believe it is tired and outdated, the last time I looked, vineyards, a beautiful river and sunshine still surround us. The Eagle still stands as CHS’s mascot. The pot of gold represents how fortunate we all have been to grow up in such a gorgeous environment and in a community, which has always cared so much for its citizens.

    My father was the founding member of the Cloverdale Historical Society. He taught me to appreciate and value the things that came before us. Perhaps the Historical Society should get involved to help preserve a part of Cloverdale’s history, which this mural surely is.

    On another note, although each of the creators of this mural are still wonderful artists, if any of them had become famous, painting over it would never be an option.
    Janet Domeniconi (Howell)

  • Janet Wolf, designer of the mural

    My friends Nancy Johnson, Terri Paulsen, and Cindy Baumgardener, and I painted this mural back in 1977. We approached our art class teacher and begged him to get it okayed. We just wanted to do something fun and something that represented our team and our town. We thought of putting the vine around the painting to frame it and putting the eagle to represent our team. The Russian River and the vineyards are just a part of Cloverdale’s ‘backyard’ so we included them. The rainbow and pot of gold was to symbolize ‘we are home; this is Cloverdale at the end of the rainbow; our pot of gold’.

    I noticed that there is a similar mural at Washington Elementary School, and seeing it, I feel great pride that I had a chance to contribute something to Cloverdale, CA. Obviously whoever did that mural liked ours. No one is asking them to take theirs down. It is real personal to me, granted. I love having had a part in making a positive mark, as small as it may seem to others.

    Thank you to all of you who would love to see it stay. That really means a lot to me personally and I am sure to the others who helped paint the mural. Please keep it! Janet Wolf

    • Mary Jo Winter

      Janet, it’s too late for the mural at Washington School. I’ve been told it has already been painted over.

      • Tanya Alexander

        They’ve “erased” someone’s time and work at Washington too?!!?

        >:( This is a bunch of crap.

        How is it that the short-sighted opinions of a handful of people trump the majority of people who want the murals at the school sites left alone? I justified my mural project being destroyed, simply because I thought mine was the only one on a building slated for demolition, and believed it when I was told there was no way for me to go jigsaw the panels out to try to preserve it.

        But if CHS’ mural is on the cutting block, and Washington’s mural has been quietly erased by roller, then it is clearly apparent to me that this is a definitive pattern of local art erasure by a narrow-minded, opinionated (and color blind) few, trying to make Cloverdale into something it’s not, and doesn’t need to be.

  • Holly Melton

    For all of us who grew up in Cloverdale, and still have family in Cloverdale, and still love to look at that mural lovingly planned and carried out by CHS students: KEEP THE MURAL!

  • Jim Berg

    As a class of 77 student, I am proud of the design and artwork that fellow students did in painting this mural. It would be a huge loss to destroy it. Hindsight is usually 20/20. I am sure it could be touched up, as it does not look very bad at all. I have not seen it in 5 years, but it appears to have held up well.

  • Carol Rowland

    The Rowland Family, Rich, Carol, Richie, and Robby (Classes 82, 80, 2007 and 2010) are all in support of keeping the mural!!

    Why some idiot would ever think of taking it down is ridiculous! I am sure there are many more important school-related issues that the board members have to deal with than this mural. Let the people who painted it and other volunteers restore it if it needs a little touch up. Our family will personally donate to the cause in my late father’s name, Bob Crittendon.

    Restore it. Don’t destroy it!

  • Don Goodmand

    Keep the mural. It’s part of the History of the school. There was no objection to it when it was originally painted. As a past school board member, it was unanimously approved when we voted to allow it to be painted

  • James Kaisi

    Why would anyone want to destroy something like this? To paint the wall that ugly depressing color next to it? Someone mentioned modernizing. Please do not try to modernize Cloverdale anymore. This was a really neat old town years ago and every attempt to modernize it has ruined its peaceful small town appeal. If someone loved their school and town enough to leave a legacy like this, then let’s by all mean preserve it.

  • Rick Galliani

    As a graduate of the class of ’77, I am proud of what the mural represents. Anyone with a grain of intelligence can see that this is something that needs to be preserved and not painted over because it has become “faded.” I am astonished that this would even be open for debate. Let’s do the right thing and restore the mural for the benefit of all future CHS graduates.

  • Terri Paulsen

    I am deeply touched by the overwhelming support for the Cloverdale High School mural. I am one of the original four art students who worked on this painting… we were barely 17 at the time. This painted wall is 35 years old.

    People think nothing of destroying history, whether it be buildings, artifacts, books… or art. This mural was hand painted before the digital age – there were no fax machines, cell phones, personal computers or i-Pads. So much has changed since then. When I look at this mural, I see a time capsule of more innocent times.

    No, it’s not a Rembrandt, but hours and hours of work went into creating this mural. Yes, the paint is chipped here and there, but it wouldn’t take much to restore it. I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to having the younger generation of Cloverdale High School artists enhance it, or add to it. I just don’t see the value of painting over it.

    • Hillary Smith

      Ms. Paulsen! It’s been years! I had no idea that you helped with that painting, although now that I do, I am not surprised. Hope all is well!

  • Steve Birchfield

    Having graduated from CHS in 1978, I have seen the mural from its inception. I do not think there has been a visit to my hometown that I have not looked at it and remembered my friends and the wonderful years I spent in Cloverdale and CHS. Memories can fade over the years and it is great to have something that triggers some of those great memories to the front. Erasing this labor of love is like destroying a family photo.

  • Hillary Smith

    I love that mural. I appreciate that CHS wants to give future generations walls to work with, but I assure you there are plenty around all CUSD’s schools. Kudos to the school for encouraging the kids to express their artistic abilities and small town loyalty. It’s nice to be able to go back and see that something you painted in high school is still hung up. I have a painting up at Jefferson that I didn’t even know was being placed there and when I saw it, it made me feel really good. My vote is to keep it. Freshen it, perhaps, but keep it.

  • Rodney Gren

    If the school board has nothing better to do than worry about a mural instead of the education of the students, then maybe they need to be replaced by new board members whose priority is the students and teachers.

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